Peter is a programme director, information security and risk & compliance specialist who is part of our network of highly experienced consultants. He’s worked in large and medium-scale operations in various industries, including financial services, telecommunications, legal and automotive, to name a few. 
Read how Peter predicts change becoming quicker, leaner and at lower cost following the pandemic, why consultancies are not always the best option and what breaking security news has caught his eye in recent weeks.  
I enjoy solving problems. I especially like explaining technical problems to executives in a way that they can understand based on the impact to their business. This skill has been honed during my 20 years working in the industry, mostly running projects and programmes within a programme director or head of function role. 
Consultancies are not always the best solution for clients requiring change. That’s because they lack people who have actually worked in various industries and, therefore, cannot understand the real issues faced when trying to perform change. Not only does Iridium’s model of bringing together a curated team of specialists provide clients with experts in relevant fields, but also many years of practical experience. 
I was intrigued to read about the recent security attack at EasyJet. This was particularly interesting as the hackers successfully harvested credit card information including the CVV. That must raise the question of PCI compliance? 
We need to be prepared for lasting change following the pandemic. Senior management across all sectors will expect change to come quicker, leaner and at lower cost - just as they’ve experienced throughout the pandemic. The use of technology is going to accelerate in the digital space with AI and robotics becoming more common place. More and more items will become self service, with remote ordering so that contact can be reduced. 
The pandemic will also leave a lasting mark on me professionally. I will certainly invest more time on building relationships remotely. It’s simple to build a relationship when you can meet for a Starbucks. 
My top tips for staying motivated while working from home. Start early, plan your day, keep your office tidy and remember to take breaks every so often. Hang a sign on the door of your office so everyone knows when you are busy or on the phone. 
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