Leading IT consultant, Dave Adams, is a long-standing associate of Iridium, delivering top notch results across many of our client’s projects. But did you know he started his professional life as an aeronautical engineer? Read below to discover Dave’s story, his post pandemic predictions and why he questions if we may have become a little too reliant on IT… 
About me 
“My IT career started in 1998 with a graduate scheme. I'd completed an Aeronautical Engineering degree with very little IT exposure, but ended up working as a Software Engineer on Ariane 4, Europe’s most successful space launch vehicle. 
“For me, job satisfaction - whether working in a project manager, scrum master or an environment/release manager role - comes from taking a project and seeing it through to implementation, adding value to the organisation I’m working with and delivering business benefit to the clients' customers. In product-based work in particular, there’s always a sense of “I helped to do that.” 
Ways of working 
“When working with clients, it’s always important to remember that each and every project is unique. Therefore, you must adapt to how the client works, their delivery approach and focus on what’s important to them. 
“I think Iridium’s solution-based model of working, which sees specialists matched with the client’s specific requirements, is the way to go, as clients get the absolute right people to do the job. After all, you wouldn’t ask a painter to build your extension just because they came under the “tradesperson” banner.” 
The new working landscape 
“I was very fortunate that I got to work remotely right through the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Full-time working from home does require a certain discipline though, and a special mention is deserved for all the parents out there who juggled their work and home schooling during lockdown. 
“The personal time regained from no commuting has been a welcome bonus. However, not being able to drop by a colleague’s desk, or partake in impromptu meetings, is the hardest part in terms of resolving issues quickly or maintaining momentum. 
“For all of its benefits, remote working puts a heavy emphasis on clear and concise communication and understanding people's priorities. We ensconce ourselves in Teams calls and instant messaging, and you can go days without actually speaking to someone, but if something is important, it’s important to speak to your colleagues and not assume they have read your email or seen your message… you might be number 34 on their list of priorities and I try to hold onto that thought when communicating with clients and co-workers… “ 
The future for business 
“Businesses must prepare for the post-pandemic future with better investment in IT tech, in terms of software currency, use of Teams/Zoom features and true hot-desking. As people begin to build on their understanding of the features within Teams and Zoom, meetings will be much more interactive, and not just use audio/video facilities with the odd screen share. 
“What’s more, organisations must have stronger business continuity plans - not sure how many would have had "global pandemic requiring entire workforce to work from home for months” in their plans.” 
“I believe IR35 is ill-advised, detrimental to the economy and a classic example of a government rail-roading through a policy at all costs, despite the many action groups and the House Of Lords pointing out it was flawed. However, that ship has sailed, and it’s now a question of education and developing business processes. 
“For many, IR35 will be the death knell for their limited companies or contracting altogether. As Dave Chaplin has called out many times, the companies that adapt, are transparent, put in the effort to be compliant and treat their contractors fairly, will be the ones who flourish - not a bad thing in the post-brexit/pandemic apocalypse." 
And finally 
“The recent story of Stefan Thomas, the developer who forgot his password to the hard drive with a $240M Bitcoin fortune on it, was really interesting. We’ve all been there, whether it’s your pin, memorable word and convincing yourself it wasn’t case sensitive, but using 8/10 attempts and still not seeking or accepting help is a bold move. With so many security protocols required in our daily routines, it does make you wonder...if it all goes wrong, have we become too reliant on IT that there is no manual override option available?” 
Work with us 
If you’re interested in joining Iridium’s trusted network of world class associates, please email ben.dainton@ir77.co.uk. 
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