In this article, DBA specialist Rakesh Mottey - who started his career down under - tells us how good working relationships make for happier, more effective outcomes, why balance is the key to job satisfaction and how the businesses that embrace flexibility will attract the best talent... 
"I started my career in the IT Industry in March 2000. Back then, I was working in a web analyst/programmer role in Australia for a small consultancy. I realised I loved working in the deep end, where I got my hands dirty with lots of technology, and the two directors at the consultancy were fantastic and amazing individuals who pushed me to solve issues and learn quickly." 
"I enjoy solving problems and making life easier. The key to this is building strong relationships with team members at all levels of a business, from accounts and clerical, to management and security owners. I also get immense satisfaction from designing new systems with a long-term view of systems integration. The challenge of building something new and helping resolve issues is one of the most interesting aspects of my job." 
"When working with clients to resolve issues, clear and open communication is crucial, along with set deliverables and timelines. Effectively delivering IT resolutions should be seen as a real team effort, and having regular meetings whilst working towards a common goal is very important." 
"I think that Iridium’s model of working as a tactical resource partner with clients, rather than just a supplier, is the best way to deliver the quickest and most efficient service. Working this way allows for quick, agile and stable resource management which can only be beneficial for all parties involved." 
"I’ve recently been reading with interest the many articles on how different companies are approaching post pandemic life, such as Google relaxing its remote working stance. I feel a tectonic switch to a more dynamic way of working in the coming years and companies that have that foresight and willingness to adapt will grow and attract the best resources. The pandemic has shown that people don’t need to work in an office all of the time to be productive. More importantly they don’t need to be micromanaged to perform. Good leaders lead and trust their employees." 
"Before the pandemic, home working was rare in my world - now it’s the norm. Building relationships and team function has been challenging at times, but we all have persevered, and I have, thanks to the lack of commuting, had more time for training, exercising and volunteering in the community." 
"As such, my perspective towards work life balance has changed, and I get to enjoy more activities outside of work. During the pandemic I volunteered at local parks and started mentoring youth in the local community. This has given me a greater grounding in my area and an opportunity to meet and engage with new people… It’s definitely broadened my outlook on life." 
"A flexible work lifestyle is key for taking work forward and creating a happier employee. Finding the right balance of home and office based work is certainly a challenge for many. However, I have seen parents spending more time with their children and people being able to pursue activities now that were normally impossible - which is one positive outcome of a terrible pandemic." 
"Professionally, I believe your location, such as the office, is not the boundary for your work. You should now be able to live and work anywhere. Businesses should be preparing for a more dynamic workforce that are able to support their work streams no matter where they are based." 
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