In the fast-paced world of business, the importance of continuous learning and development cannot be overstated. As someone deeply involved in the process of training, our Cloud and Architecture practice lead, Brett Hargreaves, has come to realise the dual benefits it holds—not only does it empower those he teaches, but it also significantly deepens his own knowledge and understanding. 
Here, Brett shares his insights into why good training is crucial for employees and how his journey in building training courses and authoring books has reinforced this belief. 
Empowering employees through effective training 
“Good training goes beyond mere skill acquisition; it's about empowering employees to unlock their full potential. Well-designed training programs equip individuals with the tools they need to navigate challenges, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to their organisations. It's not just about what employees learn, but how they apply this knowledge to drive real-world impact. 
It also helps employees feel valued - provided the training is something that can directly benefit them - for example, a technical training course that helps them pass an exam such as a Microsoft Accreditation, as this can help boost their career prospects.” 
The role of customised learning experiences 
“I have built a series of online training courses in technical subjects, most recently a Microsoft Architecture Accreditation course (AZ305) for Microsoft. In the process, I've learned the importance of tailoring training to meet diverse learning styles and needs. Customised learning experiences not only enhance engagement but also ensure that the training is relevant and impactful. 
For example, the course I recently created involved a blend of PowerPoint-based explanations of architecture aspects and hands-on tutorial-style videos to reinforce the lesson. However, if it were a coding course, I'd have used far less PowerPoint and far more hands-on coding exercises.” 
The mutual benefits of training 
“For me, training is more than just a transfer of knowledge, it's a transformative process that benefits both myself and the trainee. The act of teaching others forces me to dive deeper into subjects, challenge my understanding, and explore new perspectives. This mutual learning experience fosters a culture of growth and innovation, essential in today's ever-evolving business landscape. 
In other words, there is always a place for off-the-shelf training, but getting involved and running your own internal sessions is a great way to interact with your employees, get direct feedback, and enhance your skills!” 
The enduring value of training 
“Training is a powerful tool in the business arsenal, essential for individual growth and organisational success. My personal journey in training and authorship has reinforced my belief in the transformative power of learning. By investing in good training, we're not just enhancing skills, we're fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that drives business forward. 
As we look to the future, the importance of training in business remains clear. It's about building a foundation of knowledge that empowers individuals to achieve their best, pushing boundaries, and driving meaningful change. Let's embrace the journey of learning, for in teaching, we too learn and grow.” 
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