A Credit Card fintech which had recently onboarded millions of cardholders and needed to move their application support team, to a strategic SRE function. 

Our Response: 

Iridium deployed a 'Consulting SRE' approach, allowing the team to advise on resilience and reliability as well as implementing monitoring and observability. 
Designed and implemented the following: - 
non-functional testing and compliance as code. 
Load testing and profiling of system architecture. 
Production Readiness auditing and gap analysis. 
Rapid delivery of devops and SRE tooling. 
Operational review of regulatory specifications for Open Banking  

Key Outcomes: 

Dashboards and alerting for all services giving a full suite of metrics. 
Compliance-as-code using Powershell Pester, Chef Inspec and Azure Policies - automatically ensuring that all services had been deployed correctly as well as meeting company policy. 
Delivered a detailed analysis allowing decision making on the strategic use of ‘serverless’ as well as recommending cost control well in advance of potential bankruptcy of its customers. 
Delivered an SRE function and mitigation steps to ensure that all services were operable and supportable 
Delivered a DevOps capability and Industry standard continuous deployment pipeline using Team City and Octopus. 
Enabled its client to be one of the first providers (UK wide) to roll out Open Banking, including FSA regulated user support facilities. 
Iridium continues to support its client today with their Cyber Security improvements programme. 
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